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Who Are We.

153tech is a technology company developing web-based and other software applications, specializing in web production and development as well as online marketing and mobile apps.

What We Do.

We build custom Al-based algorithms for analytics and dashboard reviews, that is secure and trusted by many, for its multiple features such as: Centralized cloud management, Edgestorage, Optimized retention, Advanced analytics, Motion search, access controls, etc, as well as performing a variety of services including Automation (PLC and SCADA).

We create world class web and mobile solutions with ethical and cost effective high quality services through our multi-disciplinary teams collaborate from project kick-off through launch, integrating strategy, design and engineering, keeping the client informed and confident at all times.

How We Do It.

We are precise, organized and consultative in our approach. We believe in precise timelines and clear communication.


At 153tech, we hold one goal above all others: 100% client satisfaction. Our in-house team of web designers, copywriters, graphic designers, and developers uphold the highest standards for project planning and execution, and we’re dedicated to building the perfect website for your company on time and on budget.

With 153tech taking care of your security system collaborating with littleEYE, you will have the peace of mind through the comprehensive security analytic cameras that will make all of the good things possible.

We're committed to our clients and make your goals our priority.

Our Products.

153tech, as resellers for littleEYE present a new product called littleEYE Vue which is a Camera Analytics platform that provides Enhanced Motion Analysis to all kinds of industries. littleEYE Vue combines the power of data with camera analytics to provide you with a holistic view of your site, allowing you to take faster actions and make better decisions featuring:

Physical Distancing Scanner: Scans designated areas and reporting cases where physical distancing measures are not followed and detecting and alarming on violations of the 2-meter physical distancing guidelines currently required in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

littleEYE Access Control Interface: Automates the process of counting and controlling entries and exits, while multiple cameras working in a group, monitoring and controlling all doors regardless of location and proximity to each other.

Our Services.

Web Design and Development.

Web Design and Development

We create websites that meet your unique organizational requirements. We can integrate your existing systems into the new website, keeping all the features you want and none of the ones you don’t while ensuring the website can be optimized for mobiles.

We provide solutions for website hosting, mobile optimization, inquiry forms, domain, CMS, statistics, SEO solutions and more.

Strategy and Planning.

Strategy and Planning

We provide guidance to help you identify characteristics and integration needs that allow you choose the features that will be of the most benefit to your organization, planning the site architecture and build out your technology-stack integrating Discovery, Architecture, Technology, Personas, Experience, Branding, Strategy, Roadmap, etc.

Industrial Automation.

Industrial Automation

Emerging automation technologies promise increased efficiency and reduced costs. Though the upfront costs of these technologies can be an obstacle to some organizations, the benefits of automation FAR outweigh those temporary transition concerns.

  • Mobile Ready
    Mobile Ready.

    We use responsive web design technology for all our website development services, ensuring your website is at its best across all mobile devices

  • Business Specific Banners
    Business Specific Banners.

    We can create business specific animated banner image sliders for your website, giving your clients an unmistakable sense of your services

  • Content Writing
    Content Writing.

    We can assist you with crafting the right content for your website, ensuring your information is accurate and relevant

  • Google Listing
    Google Listing.

    We can aid in listing your business on Google, an important way to increase your recognition amongst clients and peers

  • Support

    We are available to support you throughout the year, ensuring your website is active and problem-free 24/7

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